Why Us?

Our services are designed to help our clients find and engage with new parties who have fresh ideas, and to do that in a safe and managed way. Whether you are looking for a solution to a particular "want" that has been pre-identified, or whether you're looking to open the door for inbound product submissions, we can help.

We're Very Good at Finding Needles (and Needle Factories)

When you combine smart, experienced entrepreneurs (who by their nature love new challenges) with cutting edge Internet social media techniques, you get something unprecedented in the world of innovation:

a fast and cost-effective way to find new collaboration partners or suppliers that you didn't know existed who can speed your path to market. 

The old adage of finding a needle in a haystack has evolved - our "CrowdFinder" process takes a crowd of extremely skilled searchers and launches them in a batch parallel process discovery exercise. They are tasked with looking under rocks, around corners, and in new and novel places to find the needle factory that you didn't know exists and that has the capability to make the needle you seek. No need to search haystacks in a green field!

Go ahead, challenge us with your "wants" - we guarantee you'll be impressed by what we find and share with you.


The Clorox Company


"To solve for resources, we partnered with an outside firm specializing in inventors (Evergreen IP). They have a strong gut for inventions that could yield a successful product, and efficiently work with inventors and their ideas in a scalable way."

The Power and the Weakness of Crowds

Crowdsourcing is incredibly powerful... When the "crowd" is filled with the right people. But just as bad data can lead to bad decisions, the wrong crowd can lead to a useless crowd-sourcing exercise.


The Problem with Panels

Informed judgment is better than instinct over the long-run. Panels - of users, experts, or whatever - are great for "sampling" an audience, but are not very useful when the data/answer you are looking for is rare or hard to come by. In fact, panels can be expensive ways to create inferior solutions vs. other alternative means of discovering data/answers that exist in small populations. 


How to Succeed with Innovation Challenges

We all know the philosophical thought experiment, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

The Open Innovation variant is: “If a company posts an innovation challenge on their website, does it get viewed by people that matter?”

We discuss the importance of communicating your innovation challenge to the right audience in this blog post.