Best Practices – Designing Idea Submission Programs for Success 

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Companies ranging in size from the Fortune 500 to small, privately owned experiential brands are increasing adopting Idea Submission Programs as part of their Open Innovation program in an effort to connect with customers, suppliers and other 3rd parties. Idea Submission Programs hold promise for topline and bottom line growth when managed correctly, and can […]

New CrowdFinder Service Fills Innovation Gaps 

Denver, CO — December 3, 2013 — CrowdFinder(tm), is a ground-breaking approach to solving innovation gaps by rapidly discovering potential supply chain and technology partners. Designed and developed based on working with Fortune 1000 clients, Evergreen Innovation Partner’s new CrowdFinder service is a novel way to find new technologies, partners, and suppliers by expertly managing […]

OI Monthly Interview Series – Nabil Sakkab – OI Pioneer 

Nabil Sakkab, former Senior Vice President Corporate R&D for Procter & Gamble, is one of the fathers of P&G’s Connect & Develop program. With deep expertise in Open Innovation, Sakkab talks with Evergreen’s Vandy Van Wagener about his views on OI, what he wishes he’d done differently, and his thoughts on how to best use […]

How to Succeed with Innovation Challenges 

We all know the philosophical thought experiment, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” The Open Innovation variant is “If a company posts an innovation challenge on their website, does it get viewed by people that matter?” For purposes of this post, […]

The Power and the Weakness of Crowds 

Crowdsourcing is incredibly powerful. When the crowd is filled with the right people, attacking the right problem, using the right tools, and managed by the right process and team. But just as bad data can lead to bad decisions, the wrong crowd, solving the wrong problem, or not managing the process correctly, can lead to a […]

The Problem with Panels 

Statistics and data drive business decision-making for a very good reason – informed judgment is better than instinct or blind decision-making. Research and facts reduce risk and increase confidence. Panels – of users, experts, or whatever – are fabulous research tools when one is attempting to “sample” an audience as a statistical approximation of the […]