Case Studies

Highlights of Evergreen's work on behalf of clients is illustrated through brief case studies discussed below: 

Invention submission management
Clorox came to EIP looking for ways to deal with external invention submissions more efficiently and effectively. They were particularly concerned about both ensuring solid relationships with the inventor community and protecting both parties’ assets and rights. They came to EIP because of our experience in evaluating early stage opportunities as well as our reputation for dealing fairly with inventors. EIP designed and implemented a standardized process that could be shared at the outset with inventors, would be aligned with Clorox’s needs, and would identify the most promising ideas for Clorox - allowing Clorox to focus its attention on fewer new products with greater potential. EIP’s role is to stay on top of the innovation needs of Clorox’s brands; do appropriate initial diligence on an idea’s potential, fit and protectability; and to share resulting high potential ideas with Clorox. To date, EIP has reviewed over 3000 submissions. Of these, Clorox and EIP have dug more deeply into about 5% for a potential new product launch.

Invention Submission Management and Targeted Search
Avery was looking to expand their open innovation reach while protecting themselves from IP contamination. They came to EIP based on recommendations from their corporate network. EIP collaborated closely with Avery to adapt its proven process to Avery’s particular needs. EIP works within this process to review inbound invention submissions, vet them based on agreed criteria, and communicate them to Avery in a routine manner. As Avery and EIP worked together, Avery saw EIP as a potential vehicle for outbound invention search. In that role, EIP managed several crowdsourcing and crowdsearching projects to expand Avery's options and perspective around meeting an unmet need that a particular segment had identified.