New CrowdFinder Service Fills Innovation Gaps

Denver, CO — December 3, 2013 — CrowdFinder(tm), is a ground-breaking approach to solving innovation gaps by rapidly discovering potential supply chain and technology partners. Designed and developed based on working with Fortune 1000 clients, Evergreen Innovation Partner’s new CrowdFinder service is a novel way to find new technologies, partners, and suppliers by expertly managing a highly skilled crowd of searchers to find the people and organizations most likely to have a solution. CrowdFinder saves clients time, and connects companies with solution providers, both of which are the critical currency in ever shortening product lifecycles continuous new product development.

“We’ve taken the power of crowds to a new level, and realized the extraordinary capability of the crowd in search and discovery,” said John Funk, Managing Partner, Evergreen. “Many corporations are explicitly or implicitly embracing the ‘Want-Find-Get-Manage’ model of Open Innovation, and this is a powerful, cost-effective tool for companies to use when trying to ‘Find’ their ‘Want’. If there is a reason to believe someone is working in the particular problem space, or if a company is looking to identify a supply chain or collaboration partner, CrowdFinder should be the first place to start.”

CrowdFinder is different from other innovation-related crowdsourced services in the marketplace – other crowdsourced solutions use members to “solve” a problem. That type of crowdsourcing model can work for highly specialized, new-to-the-world problems. But it’s inefficient and ineffective when a solution might already exist, or when a company is looking for a supplier to be part of their supply chain.

“With CrowdFinder, we utilize a ‘crowd’ that we’ve developed and tested over time, each member of which has demonstrated a unique skill in web and social media search and discovery. We launch a batch parallel search process that uncovers and reaches out to relevant companies and researchers around the globe who we suspect have deep and relevant knowledge about our client’s ‘Want’,” said Dave Bayless, the Evergreen Partner that developed this capability. “CrowdFinder is not a black box or software application, it’s a sequentially refined process of discovery, probing and networking, actively managed by experts and Evergreen. It often leads to unexpected and previously unknown resources who can accelerate the innovation effort by our client.”

Evergreen pioneered CrowdFinder with current clients, and now has capacity to extend the service to new clients and collaboration partners. Evergreen has used the service in both consumer products and high technology, and is looking forward to deploying it across additional industries. One Evergreen client, who spoke on the condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to speak publicly, said, “We couldn’t be more delighted with the results of our work with Evergreen. With CrowdFinder, we are 80% farther and closer to finding our ‘wants’ in 20% of the time. They’ve found suppliers and partners for us that we never knew existed. And that’s no small feat. The team at Evergreen is highly professional and understands us.”

About Evergreen Innovation Partners
Evergreen is the market leader in helping clients find and engage with new parties who have fresh ideas, technologies, and insights, while simultaneously managing IP contamination. Evergreen provides both Directed Outbound Search (CrowdFinder) services and manages Open Innovation Portals on behalf of clients. Evergreen has been practicing Open Innovation since 2004, and current clients include Clorox, Northrop Grumman, Avery Products, and Campbell Soup. For more information, visit, email, or call (303) 991-1985.


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