CrowdFinder (Directed Outbound Search)

Find a Path to Solving an Innovation Want –
We Crowdsource the SEARCH, not the SOLUTION

CrowdFinder enables clients to find new suppliers or collaboration partners quickly. If a desired new product line/component/capability does not map to established supply chain resources and partners, we can help.

We’ve learned that in many cases a solution to the “want” is already (or nearly) available in the marketplace. But the trick is to find it quickly and cost effectively rather than boil the ocean or have the usual suspects sub-optimally re-create the wheel. Finding that path can save you valuable time and money, and reduce risk. Our CrowdFinder service, which combines the crowds’ ability to uncover lots of data and experts’ ability to filter and synthesize that data, often finds solutions that you never knew existed. Doesn’t it make sense to try before you go out to create a custom solution?